Jo-Crop1Jo Brown passed away suddenly on 12th November 2013.  A private family funeral service will be held.


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  1. Jo's Family  November 15, 2013

    Brown, Jo
    Loved and adored wife of Rob

    To my darling wife, my soul mate
    I loved you so much, you fought so hard.
    You were so giving and worried more for others and family.
    I am so sorry that I could not help you
    Your loving Husband xxx

    Brown, Jo
    Loved and adored Mother of Trent, Caitlin and adopted daughter of Nell

    No words we write can ever say,
    How sad and empty we feel today,
    Others are taken this we know,
    But you were ours and we love you so.
    Your cheery smile, your heart of gold
    One of the best this world could hold,
    A loving nature, true and kind,
    What beautiful memories you leve behind.
    Thank you for being a wonderful Mother
    Our Mother, to us our life.
    “Til we meet again”

    Brown, Jo (nee Webb)
    Adored sister of Marianne, adored Aunty of Rachel and Scott, Rebecca and Guy, Megan and Tristan
    Adored Aunty Joey of Latna, Chase, Leon, Rhys and Daina

    You were my sister, my friend, my confidante
    And I loved you so much
    Our bond was strong, you loved me unconditionally
    I ask why and there are no answers
    Just a depth of pain that I cannot bear.
    Memories are all I have to get me through the dark days.
    Til we meet again,
    I miss and love you so

    Brown, Jo

    You meant so much to all of us
    You were special and that’s no lie
    You brightened up the darkest day
    And the darkest sky
    Your smile alone warmed hearts
    There was laughter whenever you were near
    We would give absolutely anything to you standing here
    Not a moment passes when you’re not in our minds
    Your love we will never forget
    All we can do is hope the hurt will ease in time
    Lots of love Nicole and Chris

    Brown, Jo

    Aunty Jo,
    You were the first there when we needed someone,
    You were always the life of the party,
    And you made everyone you met feel like they were the
    Most important person in the world,
    You gave the best squeezy hugs that always seemed to
    fix whatever had been broke.
    I would give anything for one of those hugs now.
    We will miss you, but you will be forever in our hearts
    Love Megan, Tris, Chase and Leon

    Brown, Jo

    Everyone needs an Aunty Jo like ours
    Bold, bright, quirky and funny.
    There will be no more lasagnes, board games or dancing to Abba
    You were the cool Aunty who was always there for us.
    You gave us love in the fullest measure
    We were so blessed to have you as ours.
    We will miss you Aunty Jo and always will
    Forever in our hearts
    Rachel, Scott, Rhys and Daina

    Brown, Jo (nee Webb)

    Beautiful daughter of Elsie and Frank (dec). Loved sister of Marianne, Garry, Colin, Kathryn and their families.

    So suddenly you had to pass
    You closed your eyes and broke our hearts
    Behind lifes smiles we shed a tear
    For a daughter we lost and loved so dear
    Our hearts ache so we whisper low
    We love you Jo and miss you so
    For those that have a daughter
    Love them while there here
    For we would give the world to say our Jo is still here.
    Love Mum

    Brown, Jo (nee Webb)
    We lay awake at night
    While others are asleep
    No one knows our sorrow
    No one hears us weep
    There will be many times we need you
    And know that you will not be there
    If love could have saved you
    You would still be here
    The special things we shared
    Is now our greatest treasure
    The special love you gave us
    Is in our hearts forever
    We didn’t get to say goodbye
    And now we never will
    But in our hearts and memories
    You will be with us forever
    We love you so much our darling Jo

    Love always Kathy, Les, Nathan, Rhylee and Bailey xxxxxx

    BROWN, Josie (Webb)
    Thank you Josie for the times we shared
    The love you gave and the way you cared.
    We treasure the times we had together
    And wished they could have gone on for ever,
    You have left a space no-one can fill,
    We will miss you Josie and always will.

    Forever in our hearts

    Love Colin, Joy, Danny, Kurt, Stephen (dec), Thomas, Brittney, Susan, Dawn and kids

    Little did we know that morning,
    The sorrows that day would bring,
    The loss was sudden, the shock severe,
    To part with one loved so dear.
    We could not say our last farewell,
    Or even say goodbye,
    For you had gone before we knew,
    And all we ask is why.
    It broke our hearts to lose you,
    But you did not go alone,
    For part of us went with you,
    The day God called you home.

    We will miss everything about you Jose, your tiger spirit lives on in all of us and we will love you forever.
    Garry & Kerry, Leearna & Tom, Tim & Katey, Brad & Gemma, Guy, Dean and families.


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