Novak, Lazlo (Les)
28.4.1954 – 19.11.2021
67 Years

Passed away peacefully after a long battle with cancer, and not alone, at Wodonga Hospital.
So much loved husband for 37 years of Christine (Chris). Cherishes stepdad of Wayne, Jodie, Kylie, Donna, Billie-Jo.
Loved Step Pop to 9 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.

My love I walk this
Lonely road till I catch up with you.
My heart is broken,
No more pain, sleep now my love.

Death will not part us, or distance divide.
Forever and always you will be by our side.


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  1. Blake  November 24, 2021

    You can shed tears
    that he is gone.
    Or you can smile because he lived.
    You can close your eyes and
    pray that he will come back.
    Or you can open your eyes and
    see all that he has left.
    Your heart can be empty because
    you can’t see him.
    Or you can be full of the love
    that you shared,
    You can turn your back on
    tomorrow and live for yesterday,
    Or you can be happy for tomorrow
    because of yesterday.
    You can remember him and
    only that he is gone.
    Or you can cherish his
    memory and let it live on,
    You can cry, close your mind,
    be empty, and turn your back.
    Or you can do what he would
    have wanted, smile, open your
    eyes, love and move on.

  2. Steve Balogh  November 24, 2021

    Gone but never forgotten, Les you will live in our hearts and in our memories, so many fond times and laughs.
    You will be the topic of conversations of happier times. RIP uncle Les.
    Steve, Michelle, Shawnee & Matthew

  3. Zoltan Csaki  November 24, 2021

    Dear Les we go back a long time when we were kids. My father considered you as his son as me Susie and Judi considered you as a brother. We were so excited when Dad would say that we are going up to Wodonga from Melbourne. I always looked up to you and admired your practical outlook in life. I remember one year I was about 8 years old and you were 12 or so and we came up to Wodonga but you were in hospital as you had your appendix removed the day before. We went to visit you in Wodonga hospital and you wanted to come with us when we left. Your mum and my dad told you that you could not because you had surgery the day before and you must stay until the doctor discharges you. You were not happy. We went back to your home and my mother gave me 20 cents to go spend at the corner milk bar near your home. I came back with 5 icy poles. Before I could reach the driveway I was stopped by an older boy who lived across the road from you I think his name was Gustav. He demanded that I give him an icy pole which I was about to as he was 2 feet taller than me. I looked down Cheney street and I noticed someone running down the middle of the road coming towards us. As he got closer I realised it was Les and he was in pyjamas. He had escaped from the hospital. He asked if I was okay and I told him Gustav wants one of my icy poles. Les put on his angry face and looked at Gustav and he ran into his house without looking back. I was so glad he escaped. He never went back to the hospital because his mum knew he would just escape again. I miss you very very much Les and will always miss you. My sincerest condolences to Chris and Donna, Kylie, Wayne, Jodie and Billy-Jo.

  4. Judi Csaki  November 24, 2021

    Dear Les I am so grateful to have been able to catch up with when I did. I remember you escaping out of hospital after you got your appendix out! I remember the times when you came down to Melbourne and drove me to see my boyfriend across the other side of town. Your outlook on life was at times comical but always practical. You will be greatly missed.
    Sincere condolences to dear Chris and family. With big love Judi and Istvan. ❤️❤️

  5. Kath Dryden les Brady  November 24, 2021

    Dear Les A caring courageous loving happy man A good friend We will remember you with lots of love Rest on peace now We will miss you but we have our memories Kath and Les

  6. Jayh  November 24, 2021

    Dear Les (pop) thanks for being a part of my life I am so lucky to have someone like yourself in my life and cherish the memory’s we had together and it still doesn’t even feel like you are really gone 😢. I will miss you deeply more than you could imagine but that’s okay because it’s just apart of life and I will see you on the other side with all my friends and family 🙏 when it’s time ❤️ I know this message is abit sad but you were such a great man caring loving funny not a man of many words like myself I have the deepest respect for you pop I love you pops rip 💔

  7. Brock Byatt  November 24, 2021

    Finally in piece love and miss you pop❤️

  8. Paul Cooksey  November 25, 2021

    Novak, Les
    Good mate passed away after a strong battle. Will be sadly missed.
    Condolences to Chris and family.
    Paul Cooksey.

  9. Donna Drage  November 25, 2021

    Knowing you ment loving you, no words can say how much i miss you, your love for mum was nothing but beautiful, I will hold memories of you close to my heart, your last advice to all of us was just be happy. ,the struggle the pain has stopped now pop, your time now to shine above i know your looking over us all xo

  10. Sue James  November 25, 2021

    Les Novak
    Dear Chris. Our thoughts are with you and your family at this sad time. Will remember Les for his great sense of humour and his “tooth”.
    Love Stuart and Sue.

  11. Jodie Salvisberg  November 25, 2021

    Dear mum deepest sympathy of the loss of les.Death leaves a heartache no one can heal,Love leaves a memories no one can steal. Thanks for everything les (best beef goulash Ever)i in gods loving hands rip with love from Jodie Wayne nicole and Natasha xx

  12. Zoltan Csaki  November 25, 2021

    Dear Les I always felt safe around you. I loved coming to see you and Chris. You both made me happy. I still cannot come to terms that you have gone…love you Les and I promise to do what you told me to do. If I can’t be good then I must be careful.😀❤

  13. Kylie byatt  November 25, 2021

    My step dad Indian lm so proud of you you put up a great fight you are a hero our hero so lm not saying good bye because it’s not forever or an end it’s a simply lm going to miss you until we meet again so where ever you are you will always be in my heart l love you dearly so for now go catch your dreams love always Kylie 💕

  14. Michaela  November 26, 2021

    I didn’t get the chance to meet you, but I heard the best stories about you. I could see that you were a kind soul who impacted your family in such a wonderful way. You created so many happy memories with your family which I feel honoured to listen to as it makes me feel like I knew you. Rest In Peace Les. ❤️

  15. Connor Byatt  November 26, 2021

    Poppy l will miss you an love you forever FRUIT SALAD love your CHARLIE BROWN (Connor)

  16. Ina bartlett  November 26, 2021

    Rest In Peace Les. Condolences to Chris and family. Ina& Wayne.❤️

  17. Summar  November 26, 2021

    What a beautiful ray of sunshine you were pop, you brought so much happiness and love to our lives 🤍
    When Rhylan is old enough I will tell him about the man you were and show him photos of the legend himself, you!
    Thankyou for being apart of my life, you were a great man
    Now I know you would not want us to be sad so instead we will live our lives with peace and so much love to give one another 🤍
    Until we meet again,
    I love you pop

  18. Eddie Olejniczak  November 27, 2021

    It is not easy to accept that Les is really gone. We are overwhelmed by sadness and can only imagine the intensity of your pain Chris. To Chris and Family our sincerest sympathy and Love. Rest in peace Les.
    Eddie, Zofia and Family. xxxx

  19. Heather Carmody  November 29, 2021

    Wonderful friend and neighbour for over 30 years we will always remember you for your one liners and having pet names for the neighbours 😀 You fought a hard courageous battle and you are now free from pain. Our heart breaks for Chris and family but you have left them with everlasting memories.

  20. Beau  November 30, 2021

    Rest In Peace pop! Gone but will forever be in our hearts.
    Thankyou for always being there for us and for being the best pop to all us kids. Will be missed but the memories live on forever. until we meet again, love you pops ❤️


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