What do I do when someone dies?

At some time during our lives, death will touch and affect us all. It can be a time of grief, emotion and uncertainty. Despite its inevitability, death is rarely discussed. While no one wants to dwell on the subject, having a basic knowledge of how to cope with the practicalities associated with death can help.

You can call Lester & Son at any time of the day or night and we can help you to make the necessary arrangements. We will arrange for completion of all certificates, transfer the deceased into our care and begin making plans for the funeral service. You can be assured that the very highest service standards will be maintained.

We will help you to plan a meaningful funeral service which reflects the special and unique life of your loved one. There are many options available which allow you to tailor services to suit your family’s needs and budget.

Contact us for further information.

When you call us

The first call can sometimes be overwhelming.  We understand this and are here to help you.  We will ask you where the deceased is, when they passed and if they died at home we will also ask if the doctor has been notified.  We will then make arrangements to transfer your loved one into our care.

Why have a funeral?

A funeral service is for those who are living. It is a commemoration of the life of the loved one who has died. Those who were close to the deceased need the opportunity to share memories and support each other in their grief. They need the chance to say goodbye.

Burial or Cremation

One of the first questions we will ask is whether the funeral will be followed by a burial or cremation. This is because the documentation required will differ with the choice that you make. Burial has traditionally been more popular but cremations are widely accepted today and can be a less costly option.

Service Venue

You may choose to have the service at your family church or in one of our spacious Chapels which are modern and tranquil and available at no extra cost. You can choose a single service which takes place at one location, either the church, chapel or graveside. Or you may prefer a dual service where the funeral procession moves from the church or chapel to the final committal at the cemetery.

A selection of casket or coffin will depend on your personal preference. We offer a wide choice ranging from a simple craftwood coffin right through to a solid timber or beautiful metal casket.

Mortuary Care

From the time the deceased comes into our care, they are treated with respect and dignity. Our staff are trained to conduct the transfer in accordance with mortuary care standards and Lester & Son’s high professional standards. These standards are maintained throughout the preparation process, which is carried out as if the family is present at the time.

Embalming procedures can be carried out by qualified staff on request.

An opportunity to say goodbye

Many families find it helpful to spend time with their loved one before the funeral. Viewing can be an important part of the grieving process and can be a time to place mementos such as a flower, teddy bear, photo or other special item in the coffin. Children are welcome if you wish.

We can dress the deceased in clothes that you provide. This may be a full set of clothing including shoes, or alternatively we can provide a burial gown. Again, the choice is yours.

The funeral service

The order of service will be decided in conjunction with your priest, minister or celebrant. There may be opportunity for a eulogy, reading of a favourite poem or playing of a special piece of music if you wish. Lester & Son can prepare a service sheet which includes a picture. If you would like us to do this for you please provide us with a clear, good quality photograph which can be cropped or edited for use. We will then liaise with the priest, minister or celebrant to prepare the order of service.

Video recording and tributes

A service held in The Evergreen Chapel can be recorded using our modern video equipment if requested. DVDs of the service will be available for purchase.

We can also present a tribute to your loved one using photos that you provide. Around 20 to 30 photos can be compiled into a slide show with background music and will mark important occasions in the life of the deceased. The family will receive a copy of the completed photographic tribute as an important memento.

The Refreshment Lounge

Our comfortable and well appointed refreshment lounge is the ideal place for refreshments after the funeral service. You can catch up with family and friends while refreshments are served.  There are various menu options ranging from tea, coffee, sandwiches and biscuits through to hot food and gourmet sandwiches.

For immediate service please call 60405066 (Albury) or 60561700 (Wodonga) or click here for other enquiries