Prepay your funeral. Ultimate care for you and your family
Planning ahead for a funeral service with us means your wishes will be respected and your family will be looked after by our understanding and caring staff; because that’s what every family deserves.
We will take you through the planning at a relaxed pace so you can tell us all the little touches you would like. Your funeral director will ensure that all your wishes will be carefully looked after and fulfilled.

You can call us on 02 6040 5066 to make an appointment or you can come in to one of our funeral homes to book in a time for one of our team members to meet with you. We are happy to do whichever is more convenient for you.
We will take you through the planning at a relaxed pace so you can tell us all the little touches you would like. For example you might like to have grandchildren place an eternal token into the coffin, or your friends to bring to the service their favourite photo of you for everyone to share.
At Lester & Son Funeral Directors, your funeral director will ensure that all of your wishes will be carefully looked after and fulfilled.

What does a prepaid funeral include?
These are only some of the options available to you, and we encourage you to discuss these with one of our funeral directors in more detail.
• Professional guidance, information and ideas about what is important to you and assistance with any final details, such as newspaper notices and order of flowers.
• Transfer of the deceased during business hours into the care of your nominated funeral home, within a maximum radius of 70 kilometres.
• Mortuary care for the deceased prior to the funeral, including preparation for viewings.
• Provision of coffin or casket.
• Attendance of experienced funeral director at the funeral ceremony, viewings, crematorium or graveside.
• All necessary documentation for your burial or cremation.
• Provision of hearse and other vehicles.
• Cremation arrangements.
• Cemetery fees.
• Press notices.
• Floral tributes.
• Clergy fees.
• Travel Protection Plan can be included for when you are temporarily away from home.

Why plan ahead by prepaying the funeral
Perhaps you have experienced organising a funeral yourself and wish to help those you leave behind by making some or all the arrangements now. You may have attended a Lester & Son funeral service and seen firsthand how we look after the family with care and compassion. Or perhaps you want to protect your family financially by locking in your funeral costs at today’s prices. For a variety of reasons you may have recently had cause to think about whether your family is protected in case they need to make funeral arrangements at an emotional time.
Many families choose to discuss their choices for the type and style of a funeral and record their preferences in advance with their funeral director. When a future funeral service is paid for in advance it becomes a prepaid funeral.
There are many advantages when you take care of your final arrangements in advance.
The most obvious benefit is financial as by paying now members of your family will not need to worry about the cost of a funeral at an already difficult time. There are a number of emotional benefits, too. When you make arrangements in advance you are able to make informed choices about what type of service you would like. This not only gives you peace of mind knowing you will have the service you want, but it also reduces the burden on your family or friends. You can rest assured knowing that our special understanding will be there to support your family during their grief.

Five great reasons to prepay your funeral

Preplanning your funeral with Lester & Son Funerals makes sense. It takes the emotional stress off your family, locks in your funeral cost at today’s price, and allows you to plan things your way.
Then you can relax, knowing your money is held safely in a trust while you get on with enjoying life to the full.

  1. Pay today’s price, beat rising costs.
    With a prepaid funeral plan you pay today’s price and avoid things like inflation and rising premiums. Pay in instalments or upfront, whatever works for you. A prepaid funeral is also exempt from the Centrelink assets test so it can help you qualify for a pension or part pension.
  2. No ongoing payments.
    With a prepaid funeral you only pay for the funeral you want. No additional costs and no premiums to pay for you or your family. The cost of a prepaid funeral will vary depending on the inclusions. Once paid in full there is no more to pay unless additional inclusions are incurred.
  3. Remove the worry, give peace of mind.
    When the time comes it’s planned and paid for, family and friends won’t have to deal with arrangement details or financial concerns, as everything is taken care of.
  4. No extensive paperwork or health checks.
    We’ll walk you through the simple and quick process of preplanning your funeral.
  5. Tailor your plan to meet your needs.
    Prepaying your funeral service means you get your funeral service, your way

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